Solar Charge Revolution


Solar Charge Revolution


Last Century

Last Century the World burned fossil fuels to power our cars and polluted our air and our planet.

Last Century, we burned Coal to create electricity and gasoline or diesel fuels to power our cars.

Last Century, we created a planet so polluted the atmospheric temperatures rose so rapidly that

the polar ice caps melted at an alarming rate and caused the oceans to rise and coastlines to flood.

Last century, we drilled for oil in our oceans and polluted them with our careless oil disasters.

Last Century, we were so desperate for oil to power our cars we polluted our ground water with waste

We used such terms as clean diesel, clean coal, to make us feel better about polluting our planet

Last Century, we justified our actions for economic reasons or remaining in denial about climate change.


This Century

This Century, we have the chance to change what we have done and maybe even save our planet.

This Century, it is estimated that 3.5 Trillion dollars a year is needed just to slow down global warming.

This Century, we all need to begin now to make a difference and tackle the major cause global pollution.

Cars create create one third of all pollution we pour into the air we all breathe each day.

Gasoline and diesel burning vehicles are the single largest cause of global pollution and

The easiest to change because it's not going to take Trillions of Dollars

It's just going to take all of us to do the right thing

Join the

Solar Charge Revolution


save the planet.





Solar Charge Revolution

The Solar Charge Revolution is a Global Solar Revolution to provide Free Solar Charging for all Electric and Hybrid Plug-in Cars.

Solar Charge Revolution is proud to support the Solar Carge Revolution to provide Free Solar Charging for electric cars in the World.

We invite you to join the Solar Charge Revolution and help create a Free Solar Power future and a pollution free World.






"Solar Charge Revolution"

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